Sunday, 18 November 2012

Grown up mud pies

Did you make mud pies as a child? I did. My sisters and I would spend hours getting just the right consistence of mud to make the "recipe" we wanted. Just enough water so we could roll out "biscuits", or add a little more water to make a "chocolate cake". Can you tell we spent a lot of time cooking in the kitchen with Mum? But the best bit was the decorating. Petals, feathers, leaves, pebbles, whatever we could find in the garden to add the finishing touch to our masterpiece. When it was "cooked" rock hard from the sun, we would present it to Mum or Dad. They always seemed to be so appreciative of what we proudly presented.

So today I relived those mud cake days. My garden is on a sloping block, that means giving the garden a good soaking drink is a bit of a problem. The water just runs downhill, before it has a chance to sink in. So what to do to help slow the water run off? I decided to take advantage of the patch of clay in the boggie corner of the garden and make mud dam walls to help hold the water. I have to say it was great fun, and elbow deep in mud I was taken back to the days of making mud pies. So as a small tribute to the mud pie days, I've added leaf decorations to my dam walls. No ware as fancy as the old days, but just as much fun.

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