Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My first post. No longer will I be know as "Blogless Megan".

The Christmas break has come and gone, and my focus has to return to work. But before I lose the "holiday glow", here is a little of what happened over the last couple of weeks.

My new rock beds have had 2 loads of garden soil, and are now planted out with a mix of dahlia, gazinia, bearded iris, bergonia, fuschia, and impatients. The middle bed is in full sun, while the bottom is in mostly shade, so a fruit salad of seedlings seemed like a good option for now.

Mr has been busy digging a drainage trench, and finding out where all the pipes are! Oops!

Santa brought me 3 trailer loads of gravel, and he even spread it for me!

There has also been heaps of eating, drinking, chatting, swimming, and sleeping. Needless to say, back to work to recover!


  1. Oh hooray! Welcome to the world of blogging, Megan. I think that you might surprise yourself and how much you like to have this record of your creativity - and I am thrilled that I will now get to keep tabs on you like you do on me!

  2. Ooooooh!!! I like the virtual gardening idea!!! Do keep that up along with all your other creative enterprises...I am looking forward to the before and after shots. And it is great to get an idea of how things are developing in anticipation of my visit as 'garden design advisor'! (Ahem!) lizziew


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