Friday, 13 December 2013

How much bunting is enough cont....

The day shone bright. 
The music played. 
The crowds arrived to the first High Country Christmas Fair. 
All was in readiness.

Federal member for Indi Cathy McGowan made the official announcement, with the help of some of the kids who had helped to make bunting. We had made a whopping 7782.3 meters.

The official documentation has been submitted to the Guinness World Record  organisation, and now we wait. We wait for the official nod. But you know what, I actually don't care. It has been such a blast to be a part of this project. To enjoy the laughter and energy of a fantastic group of people. To see so many parts of the community get involved, and to have the enthusiasm run through the district has been brilliant.  

It's Friday night as I write this, and normally I would be at YCEN making bunting. But now that it is done, what do I do with my Friday nights now???????

How much bunting is enough cont...


Friday, 6 December 2013

Bunting on the news......

We made the PRIME 7 news tonight.

Can't wait for the announcement of how much we made, at the High Country Christmas Fair tomorrow.

Monday, 2 December 2013

How much bunting is enough cont......

The time had come!

Had we made enough bunting to break the Guinness World Record . It was time to see if all the hard work from so many had gotten us over the line.

There was last minute "I'll just do this last bit", and "I couldn't stand it if we were only a couple of meters short, just let me finish this".

There was untangling  that would drive a sane person crazy!

The bunting was laid out on the primary school oval, over many many hours, with tent pegs keeping each row in place.

The distance was confirmed by the Surveyor. The size of the flags and the distance between confirmed by the Justice of the Peace, Councillor, and Police Officer. Everything was correct and met the rules.

And then it had to be carefully packed back into the "Official Transport Vehicle"s (5 in total), ready for the team to hang it around town this week.

So how much did we make? Lots and lots and lots. But we will not know until the official announcement at the  Yackandandah High Country Fair this Saturday. Fingers crossed.

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