Sunday, 2 February 2014

Full steam ahead.....

We have only got 5 weeks until the Yackandandah Community Garden official opening, so it is full steam ahead to get as much done as we can. With daily temperatures continuing to be over 40C, there have been working-bee's in the cool of the evening or early morning to try and get things finished. On Saturday we had a 7am start, and it was the perfect time of day to be in the garden. The sun light streaming down was glorious.

There was rock edging being built, gabion baskets at the end of the terrace beds to be filled, concrete sleepers to be cut and squeezed into position, and of course the daily watering. It really was a hive of activity, until we decided to call it quits at about 9.30 when it was already getting too hot to work.

So how are the seeds and seedlings we planted before Christmas going? Fantastically. I think we are all a little surprised at how well things have grown and survived with the heat.

We have even started to pick zucchini and cucumber in the last week or so. Can't wait until we have all the infrastructure in place, and we can plant it all out. Next summer should be spectacular!

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