Friday, 13 January 2012

Photo a day challenge

13.01.2012 - "In your bag"

I'm not a person who changes their bag, depending on what they are wearing. I would love to be, and even tried for a while but constantly found I was missing something I had left in the other bag. I have an every day bag, with a "good" bag for special occasions.  So as a result my bag tends to need a good clean out now and again.

Not sure what I would have won, but obviously I didn't. Oh well. Maybe next time.


  1. Meegs, I am LOVING that you are doing this daily challenge! You're clearly enjoying taking photos (and doing a damn fine job of it I might add) and I love your accompanying prose. You didn't realise that blogging would be so much fun, did you!

    1. Enjoying it. I'm adicted! What I'm loving most is that it's given me a new level of awarness to what I see and do.

  2. Hi Megan (are you also known as Midge?)- how are you settling into blogging? Welcome. About the bags, me too! I have tried to be a different bag girl- but then I realised I actually struggle to be a bag girl- phone, purse, keys- and with a bit of extra space, lip balm. I am quite grown up now and do take a bag to work, I even emptied it today and found some very suspicious looking chewy- wonder how long that has been there, and a lipstick that I really like- good find!

    1. Hi Tanya.

      Midge is a nickname given to me by my dad.


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