Saturday, 21 January 2012

In the garden this week....

It has been far too hot to do much in the garden this week and somewhat like my Impatiens (they have gone to God), I don't cope with the heat.

But here is what is happening:

- The Roses are showing signs of water damage from last weeks storm.
- The Tomatoes are ripening, and so much better than the supermarket variety.
- The Cucumber, Zucchini & Pumpkins are growing like mad.
- The Cockies are stripping the Hazelnut trees (note to self - bird netting for next year).
- The Forest Pansy is suffering in the heat ( note to self - deep slow watering required).
- The Coriander is gowing to seed, so hoping to harvest the seed for cooking, and germination for new plants.
- The self sown  Aquilegia are coming through.
- The first Hibiscus are out.

I had resisted the trend to Succulents for some time, but have been inspired to make a bed all about foliage rather than flowers. So I have made a small start with cuttings from friends gardens, and hope they will work under the flowering gum that dominates the space.

In case you think I have gone mad and included a picture of a dead plant in a rubbish bin, the heat hasn't effected me that much. I've planted Potatoes in the rubbish bin, and once they have died down, they will be ready for harvest. I tried this last year, but was too hasty to see the results and harvested too early. Fingers crossed for this crop!
I'm also trying Sweet Potatoes this year, with the encouragement of my friend Lisa who used to live in the tropics. They are the heart shaped leaves in the bottom row.


  1. Wow you have lots of good things there - let us know how the sweet potatoes go - we love them here - with some coriander and chilli mashed into them - and a squeeze of lime juice - yum!

  2. Will do. Guess you can see why the craft is put aside at the moment.


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