Saturday, 7 January 2012

To felt or not to felt? That is the question.

On a recent weekend getaway at Sewjourn, I started a new roll to hold me knitting needles. They were all over the place! I decided to work in crochet rather than knitting, so I could get a firm fabric quickly. I'm going through a phase at the moment with merging different colours of yarn in the one row of a project, and I tend to make things up as I go. It is a great way to use up odds & sodds, but I now have a problem. Now I'm thinking of felting it. Why? Well the really fine needles poke through.

Most of the yarn I have used is 100% wool that can be felted. The rest was just whatever I had left over from other projects. I'm not very experienced with felting, but think I will give this a go. What's the worst that could happen??

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  1. When in doubt, I felt stuff. Mind you, I've completely wrecked a few things by doing just that. The good news is that the felted wool is always able to be recycled into something else. Bad news is that you might need to make another needle roll. I'd go gently - cold machine wash....?


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