Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mt Pilot National Park

I woke up this morning feeling totally blah! So Mr suggest a walk in the bush to "feed the soul", as he puts it. We made the short trip to  Mt Pilot National Park for a walk to look at the aboriginal rock art, and to the top of the look out. Just what I needed!

The rock face with the art is interesting, just to see the way the rock has broken away to give a smooth surface to paint on.

While the paintings are very faded, they are still worth seeing. This one is believed to be a Tasmania Tiger.

The regeneration after the fires is fantastic to see.

The colours in the granite rocks a truly beautiful, with the black being from smoke left from aboriginal camp fires.

 While the view from the top of Mt Pilot is worth the short climb.


  1. There is nothing quite like the blue of that north-east Victorian sky! I breathe more deeply just looking at those photos. Great suggestion Mr!

  2. HOW. BLUE. IS . THAT. SKY?!!!!


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