Wednesday, 18 January 2012

From disappointment to joy in 3km.

Disappointment - Berry season is almost over, so on Saturday we decided to make a return visit to a local berry farm. After taking a short cut over the ridge and through the pine plantation (which by the way was noticeably void of bird life compared to the native bush), we arrived at the berry farm to see a closed sign.

Joy - So we decided to cut our losses and head home (via the sealed road this time). About 3km down the road we noticed our favorite tree farm Tom & Erins Tree Farm had a sign up selling berries, and so we called in. They were actually closed and just about to head off to cricket. This is when the "joy" happened. The owner offered to let us loose in his berry patch and help ourselves AT NO COST. How kind is that!

And the result.....

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  1. Oooh lucky lucky you!! I love berry season.
    I also love the photo you posted of water Megan, it's really beautiful.


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