Friday, 6 January 2012

Photo a day challenge.

04.01.12 - "Letterbox"

This was a fun topic, and it actually made me pay attention to such an every day item. On the trip back from shopping I started looking at all the letter boxes along the way. There was hardly any that were store bought. They were made from old cream cans, plastic drums, metal drums, hollow logs, and a couple of fancy ones built from rocks. Is this the same in country areas in other countries?

I have to admit this is not my letterbox, but I pass it often and it always makes me smile. Someone has lovingly created this letterbox, but I wonder if they know how much enjoyment it gives people passing by.

I had to show you where the postman has to "delivery" the mail.

05.01.12 - "Something you wore"

You know when you make a spur of the moment purchase and you regret it! Well this isn't one of those times. I was visiting the King Valley Art Show in June and stumbled across a terrific glass artist, and fell in love with this piece. I hadn't planned to buy anything, but couldn't go home without it.

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