Thursday, 5 January 2012

Photo A Day Challenge.

I love this idea, and with a theme for each day that will get the creative juices going. I'm only a couple of days behind, so best get my skates on.

Jump over to fat mum slim if you want to join in. Thanks for the tip Karen And so, I sew

01.01.12 - "You" - Love this function on my new phone. I'm still finding out what it can do. So far nothing  that I haven't been able to undo if needed.

02.01.12 - "Breakfast" - Not an ideal breakfast, but hard to resist when in season. So lucky to live in the growing district.

03.01.12 - "Something you adore" - I absolutely adore the sunset on my parents farm. You would swear the sky was on fire. Unfortunately my house is on the side of a valley and the sun drops below the hill top before we get the stunning blaze of colour. But the consolation is the fantastic sunrise (when I'm up to see it)!

I still have a couple of days to catch up on, so will need to do some homework.


  1. I think that you'll really enjoy doing this, and it's a great focus for when you start off. And I really like your blog name!

  2. Great to see you here on the dark side! Lovin' the photos!

  3. YEAH Megan!!! Good to see you on blogland. Sounds like you're enjoying your holiday and your garden looks lovely. I'm looking forward to following the progress. I've been doing lots too, but just too hot this last week. Off to Mildura for a few days then back into it. Welcome to Blogland

  4. Brave girl! I have a bad feeling that this might be like dieting for me; strong start in the first few days, fair to middling for a week, seriously off the rails in a fortnight and eating palova by month's end. I look forward to your continuing it for both of us! :-D lizziew (who obviously doesn't get this blog thing!)

  5. Hooray for you "no longer blogless" Megan! I love this little photo challenge but now I am a few days behind.
    That portrait setting is great, must go play with that.


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