Friday, 13 January 2012

This week in the garden....

This week in the garden, has been a really mixed bag. We have had wind, hail, and glorious sun. From a high of 37C to a low of 18C. That's summer for you!

The garden has been a huge distraction from work this week, so a bit has happened.
  • a load of rocks for bed edging 
  • a load of lovely smelly garden soil, to build some beds
  • spraying the caterpillar infestation on the snapdragons
  • deadheading
  • picking the first tomato for the season
  • giving away the first tomato of the season to my sister ( her normally huge summer vegi patch has fallen victim to a busy life).
  • fixing the upturned rock edging from the echidna visit
  • picking the last of the beetroot

Also worth a mention are the heirloom carrots with "personality". They have been  total experiment, with a pack of seeds just thrown into the bed in late winter, and very little soil prep. Worth growing, but I will thin more and add some sand to the bed next time so they grow a little straighter

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