Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Heading home

The road trip home from holiday is always a feeling of mixed emotions. But the main one is I DON"T WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK! As my mother says, "you need to earn the money so you can spend the money." Sad but true.
Anyway the trip home took us through Bathurst, Orange, Cowra, Young, Junee, Cootamundra, and Wagga Wagga.
The country side was just so pretty with the Canola crops and the Paterson's Curse in flower (beautiful for a weed), and the various shades of green from the hundreds and hundreds of acres of crop. It would be amazing to see from the air at the moment.
Below - Sorry for the bug splat on the windscreen, but its all part of the road trip experience. Love the contrast of the yellow Canola against the gold of the hillside.

Below - One of the great things about travel is picking up on the regional peculiarities. What is it with NSW country towns and "gangster parking"? Their all set for a quick getaway.

Below - I love the way country towns try to advertise their claim to fame. You know " Home of the .....(insert person / animal / vegetable / event here)". In Young it's "Cherry Capital Of Australia" that welcomes you to town.

How long can the holiday glow last?


  1. 'Gangster parking ' lol....
    Canola crops always add a splash of colour to the countryside.....love the pic.
    Hope the return to work isn't too hard after your trip away..

    Claire :}

  2. Just caught up on all your holiday posts. Looks like you've had a fabulous trip away. Absolutely adore the Blue Mountains, but you're right about the number of tourists!! ;-)

  3. Not that long let me tell you. I'm up to day 3 tomorrow and it's like I never left. Great photos...love the gangster parking...probably keeps them "Young"

  4. The parking is a bit fascinating isn't it!
    A friend of ours recently did a road trip of the 'bigs' - big merino, big prawn etc! Each town has its claim to fame.


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