Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Round & Round The Garden

It has taken 2 years of picking up and putting down, but at long last I've finished my 3D flower rug. I've gone from loving it, to hating it, and back to loving it again. Time is a funny thing like that.

When I started working from home, I decided I needed a rug to put over my legs when working at the desk. Sounds daggy I know, but it gets pretty cold in my office. So I started with the centre 3D flower motif, and played with the layout of weeks and weeks. Finally I decided I could keep rearranging for ever and never by happy, so just accepted it as done as a 5 x 6 square layout.

Then I added the outer square rounds. My patchwork brain kicked in, and added "sashing" to join the blocks together.

I tried a couple of different border ideas. A mixed colour granny edge was to heavy looking, so finally settled on this simple edging. I think it works, even if it is a little "wavy".


  1. This looks amazing Megan, so much work.......

    It will keep you more than warm I'm sure.......nothing daggy about having a rug over your knees in Winter if it keeps you warm.

    Claire :}

  2. Megan, this is nothing short of spectacular, not to mention it must be toasty warm

  3. It looks utterly magnificent. Superb job.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. Well worth the wait. I feel the same about my quilts, love em hate em love them all over again.

  5. oh its lovely! Well done - it's funny like that the way you can go from loving to hating and back again on these long projects. Glad that you are back to loving it - it looks fantastic!

  6. And once again... I love the colours you've chosen. Fab work Ms Midge.

  7. I spend the Winter drapped in knitted or crochet blankets, or quilts!! Yours is fabulous!!


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