Monday, 1 April 2013

Everything old is new again...

My niece Mel has recently moved to Melbourne and is short on furniture. So I thought I would surprise her with some revamped bed side tables. I knew her bedroom style is black and white so thought I couldn't  go too far wrong.

So armed with a piece of printed quilting cotton, spray adhesive and black gloss spray paint, I got busy. I've had these Freedom bedside tables since about 1995, and wanted to choose a fabric that reflected the curves of the bars and handles to try and bring them up to date a little.

After a bit of sanding and surface preparation, they went from this....

to this......

Did she like them? Well actually no she didn't. Think they are off to the Op Shop instead. Lesson learned by Aunty Meg!


  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, no way.........they look amazing Megan.
    Oh what a shame, such a great little makeover.
    Guess you just can't pick it sometimes......

    CLaire :]

  2. Oh wow - I love it Megan! Is that done with fabric or paper?

  3. OK - I was just looking at the pretty pictures - it's a craft thing I guess - now I actually read the words that go with the pretty pictures!!
    I'd love to do this to the girls' plain chest of drawers - what's the worst that might happen - I don't like it and have to pull it off...

    1. I say give it a go! I've got a dresser from the same set that I'm thinking of doing up for myself. Just can't decide on what colours to go for. Thinking either duck egg blue or a olive green. Guess I should let the fabric be the inspiration.

  4. That just goes to show that she has no taste - ha ha!
    Good job anyway - someone very lucky will snap them up!


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