Monday, 8 April 2013

There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around that the colt from old Regret had got away.....

I never tire of  The Man From Snowy River poem. It came to life on the weekend with the Man From Snowy River Bush Festival held at Corryong. The town was alive with over 10,000 people camping out at the local show grounds, and taking part in the weekends events. From whip cracking, dog jumping, camp drafting, live music and the "Challenge", there is something for everyone.

I'm in awe of the skill of the men and women who took part in the events. The way that the horse and rider work as one is actually quite beautiful. The skill that the rider uses to command the horse with just the pressure of their legs, the shifting of their body weight, or the turn of their feet in the stirrups is amazing. One of the events was the "brumby catch", were a brumby colt is brought down from the mountains, and the rider starts to break it in. It was amazing to watch a brumby go from wild when it comes into the arena, and in 3 minutes be walking relatively calmly beside the horse & rider. Of course there is a lot of work to do to have the brumby "broken in", but what a start!

If you are at all interested in horses or Australia's mountain history, make the time to get to next years festival. Well worth the trip!

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  1. Great weather for it Megan.....I was up there last year for the Saturday and couldn't believe how many people there were.
    Great for Corryong and surrounds......

    Claire :}


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