Monday, 9 April 2012

Hidden treasures.
The Easter weekend has been filled with family catch ups, beautiful artwork, and way too much food!

After lunch on Sunday, Mum and I spent a couple of hours enjoying two exhibitions. The first was held at our local gallery Spiritus, and was an exhibition made up of work from a few different local artists. One of the exhibitors was family friend Marg Pullen. Marg's work is full of colour and is so very tactile.

The other exhibition was at John Dermer studio gallery. He is a world class potter, and sadly he explained to us that he is the only potter left in Australia that is making a full time living from his artwork. With such stunning work, I hope so very much that he will continue for years to come. If the budget was unlimited I could have bought some stunning pieces, as it was I did give myself a small Easter present.

We are so lucky to have so many talented artist in the area. The artworks have so much heart and soul in them. Mr and I have often talked about why every day Australians don't seem to support artists by buying their work. Australians are very quick to admire the work, but don't seem to see the value in what is created. So I want to ask you to make a promise. Not to me, but to yourself.  Promise yourself to buy the work of local artists in your area as presents, rather than the mass produced stuff you see in shops. I will.

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