Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Full steam ahead....

It sure is full steam ahead at the Community Garden. 

Saturday dawned a beautiful morning, just right for a working bee. 

The angle iron was cut and welded to form a "T", so that it will hold the concrete sleepers that make the retaining walls. They sure were heavy!

around 300 metres of recycled steel have gone into the ground

Thanks goodness for Ron and his digger (I know it has a proper name, but we just refer to it as the digger). He was able to push each "T" at least 1.5meters into the ground. We would still be there if we had to drive them in by hand!

You can see from these photos that it is not a flat site. Far from it. The terracing really is going to be the focal point of the garden and is going to give us about 90m of veggie beds. Should be plenty of room to grow what every we want here. With the community swimming pool right next door, we hope people will drop by after they have been for a swim.

where there is will there is a way
Today we had the wonderful help of the residents from the local Corrections Victoria establishment. They worked so hard and were extremely polite. I was even referred to "madam" when I was in the way and they needed to get past. They physically lifted the recycled concrete sleepers (about 100kg each) into place on all three terraces. I'm sure they all slept well tonight.

the retaining walls still need to be tweaked and back filled

 So what next? Well, we need to get the top terrace in shape so we can get the bare rooted fruit trees in place. They really should have been in the ground 3 weeks ago, so it's all hands on deck on Saturday to get them in the ground.

More later...


  1. It certainly is coming along will be great when finished.
    The guys from Beechworth would have been a great help moving those concrete sleepers.
    Looks so different from the disused piece of land it was.

    1. I agree! It looks amazing! And even bigger than it did after the big clear out I saw when I was up last. You must be very proud of it, Megan...though I am amazed you find time to do computer system stuff with two lovely gardens to play in! :-D Lizzie


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