Wednesday, 25 September 2013

In the garden this week.....

I love this time of year. Warm enough to go barefoot in the day and cool enough to snuggle under the doona at night. Oh and because the garden comes to life!

Top Left - this Lillie will need to be shifted next winter. The flower heads are way to tall for the landing above.

Top Mid - Tomato seeds & Spaghetti Squash seeds had been hanging around for a couple of years, so I wasn't sure they would shoot. No need to worry, and the toilet rolls make great seed pots.

Top Right - The variegated Fuchsia is great against the blue of the pot. Think I'll try it in a hanging basket too.

Bottom Left - The tulips have been fantastic this year. Those cold winter days did the trick.

Mid Right - The retaining wall bed is looking its best at the moment

Bottom Right - First time the variegated Iris has flowered. Love the clarity of the flower.


  1. Great to see what's happening in your garden Megan.......the Tulips are a picture.
    Gotta love Spring, but i'm not quite ready to go barefoot, still hanging on to the last of
    the cooler temps.

    CLaire :)

  2. Exciting garden times...yours is looking Specky! I usehe toilet rolls too for the seeds...great idea..looks a terrible day here today so I think I'll sew.


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