Friday, 20 September 2013

Going the the Henty Field Days....

I know that unless you live in Northern Victoria or southern NSW, the title of this blog will not make much sense. I've been hearing the "going to the Henty Field Days" jingle all my life, and it sticks in your head. So this year I went along with my parents, sister & brother in law.

As the jingle says " people come from miles around", and they do. Waiting for a coffee, I got chatting to a lady who had come down from a property outside of Longreach Queensland (about 1200km away).  People fly in from their outback stations, and stay for the full 3 days. It really is a social event as well as business event.

Henty Field Days is basically a trade show for the agricultural industry. Anything you could imagine was on offer.

Looking for a grain silo, look no further! 
You want a grain header that is controlled by sat-nav, do they have a deal for you! 
Need a new toilet block for your shearing crew, step right up!

 You get the idea.

The scale of the engineering is what impressed me most. Farming on an industrial scale!


  1. You know that I'm singing! "Going to the Henty Field Day...." ARRRGHHH now that jingle will be in my head for the rest of the weekend! It's right up there with "Down at the Onga pump shop..."

  2. Maybe this will get it out of your head!

  3. Oh Megan- I just saw that title and the jingle started.
    Someone in marketing did a good job that day!


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