Friday, 9 March 2012

Photo a day challenge

08.03.2012 - "Window"

The thing I'm loving about this photo challenge is that it makes me notice things that I hadn't noticed before. Like this sign. With the theme of "window" in my head, I set off on my morning walk. I've walked past this pub window hundreds of times, but today was different. I stopped, read what was painted on the window, and got to thinking about what it actually means. With 08.03.12 being International Women's Day, I started thinking about how far we have come as women in Australia. Such a small thing as not being able to drink in "The Bar" with the men, and being segregated to the "Ladies Lounge",  seems like the most ludicrous thing in the current age. But not so long ago, this was the standard set.

Thank heavens for the women of past generations with the strength of character and firm determination to make a change. We owe them so very much.


  1. Thats a thought-ful(l) picture. I love you interpretation of theme and happy women's day to you too.

    1. Thanks Ruby. So happy to have you reading my blog, and loving your comments. - Megan

  2. Makes me look forward to Sewjourn!


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