Tuesday, 13 March 2012

When the journey is just as important as the destination.

With a long weekend in Victoria this weekend, we took the opportunity to drive up to Canberra to see the Renaissance exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia. Rather than spend 4 or 5 hours on the oh so boring Hume Highway, we had a bit if an adventure . It wasn't the most direct route, but well worth the extra few hours.

The road over the mountains and through the Kosciuszko National Park is a really interesting drive. The silver of the dead gum trees was really striking

regrowth on dead trees

Mt Kosciuszko is behind the cloud

I'm so glad we made the trip to see the exhibition. Mr gave me an art history lesson while we were waiting to go in, so my viewing of the artwork was really enhanced. There was one underlying issue that came through to me, which was that they had no idea how to paint a baby. So often the proportions were so wrong, but the baby that basically had a shrunken man's body (including a six pack and developed leg muscles) was just really disturbing!

We also visited the National Portrait Gallery . There were two paintings that left an impression on me. The first was of General Cosgrove. Unfortunately the painting hasn't reproduced well in this link, but the colour pallet was spot on, and the air of tension created by the two soldiers at the back looking off to the side, was really powerful.

The second was of actress Deb Mailman. I loved the texture of the wool bail fabric it is painted on, and the simple colour pallet used.

I've mixed feelings about Canberra. It seems to be missing something. An energy? A soul? A feeling of organic evolution? Perhaps if I stayed for longer, I'd pick up on these elements. As a tourist, it has a lot to offer. There is so much to see and do. I love the open spaces, the public art, and the buildings making grand statements.

I'll be back. I need to see how the National Arboretum develops over the next 20 years. It really is being planted for future generations, but hopefully will be wonderful in my life time.

View from the National Arboretum

Himalayan Cedar forest

The trip home through the wool and sheep regions of  NSW was such a contrast to the trip to Canberra.  The wide open paddocks. The grain silos. The depressed looking small towns. There is no doubt that the 10 year drought has taken its toll on the areas we travelled through.

We tend to stay off the freeway when we travel. That way the journey becomes part of the holiday too!

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  1. Beauty ... beauty and more beauty in every photograph.


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