Monday, 19 March 2012

Sunny Sunday Market
We had our first local craft market on Sunday, and with such a glorious day that was too good to waste inside, so we set up out in the sunshine. Being the first, I don't think any of us were expecting to make a fortune. Being my first market, I was trying to get a gage of what people were interested in and what my price points should be. I've got some work to do to come up with things that catch peoples eye, and yet are quick and cheap to make. Thinking cap on! Any ideas?

Clare from Sweet Birdy Love has some lovely pieces, and I can see why her hoy water bottle covers sell so well. They are so cute.

 Lauren and Chris from Indigo Ink have lovely hand bound books, with some really cute designs. I was looking at them, trying to come up with a reason to buy one. Sitting here writing this blog I've just come up with a reason - I need a book to start and jot my design ideas down. Their books would be perfect.

Judy organised the market, and was a bit of a dark horse. Who new she had this hidden talent? I can't wait to see more.

Mr had some of his ink drawings on sale.

And Sidney seemed very happy with the hat she bought from me with her own pocket money.


  1. Oh my goodness, look at that gorgeous smile, that's one happy little gal and the beanie looks so the colours.

    Have been using that crocheted cloth you made Megan and it's great, still loving that beautiful blue yarn..........

    Claire :}

  2. Sidney looks good with that big smile. And the sunday market sounds fun.

  3. That smile is adorable - and she chose well - the colours are gorgeous Megan.

  4. How fun was that market, Megan?! We can't wait to go again next month - it's so nice to sit with other like-minded people and chat (and make!). We're glad you came up with an idea for your book.

    Good luck with future markets - we hope you came away from that first one with lots of ideas and inspiration. See you in April!


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