Friday, 25 May 2012

Kosciusko Cushion II

I was really happy with the way the original Kosciusko Cushion came out, and seems so were a few other people. It's really encouraging when I get positive comments, because I'm my own worst critic and see all the things wrong in what I make.

So I was wrapped when I received an order to make one. Rather than my craft costing me money, I would be able to add to the other side of the balance sheet for once! So when I was at Sewjourn  last weekend, I made sure the first thing I did was finish off the cushion. That way if I got distracted with the talking, wine, chocolate (get the idea from Lara's post), I had finished what I "had to do".

I've made a couple of changes this time. I've added cream to the colour scheme, and made the back more "earthy" rather than "leafy" (even though that's not a really word).

I'm happy with how it has come together. Just hope the new owner is!


  1. Megan, you have a real talent with colour and fibre. I loved watching you just crochet away, patternless, just seeing what worked. You are very talented, my friend! Love this cushion.

  2. This is so beautiful Megan - I could never part with it!!

  3. I loved this cushion. The colors are divine. I have no doubt you will have a delighted customer indeed.

  4. Hey Megan love all the colours in this cushion and the fact it has a story behind it for the inspiration......

    Both sides look fab and I'm sure the new owner will love it too. Nice to have orders coming in .

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :}

  5. I loved that cushion and tried to get a good photo of it for my Sewjourn post, but the colours I captured didn't do the real thing any justice. It's just gorgeous.

  6. This is gorgeous - I love your colour choices and how seamless your joins are with those squares! How do you do it!!!???


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