Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Photo a day challenge

Life has gotten in the way of blogging in the past week, so I'm being a bit slack and combining a weeks worth of Photo A Day Challenge photos into one post.

08.05.2012 - "A smell you adore"

I've got a Gardenia growing in a pot at the front door. When it's in flower I can't go past. I have to stop.

09.05.2012 - "Something you do every day"

At this time of year, something I do every day is stop to look at the Autumn colour. I couldn't drive past the Beechworth Chinese Gardens with out stopping to take this shot.

10.05.2012 - "A favourite word"

Without any commercial intention, I love the way the word "Google" sounds.

11.05.2012 - "Kitchen"

We have been putting up with a dodgy kitchen sink that leaks for far too long now. So when a local plumbing supplier had their yearly "car park sale", I couldn't go past a $45 barging buy. Now I just need to pay for the plumber to install it!

12.05.2012 - "Something that makes you happy"

I've said before that I think being happy is not a constant state of being, but rather a series of moments in time. I had one such moment when I pulled up in Newmarket to take a phone call the other day. When I looked up, this is what I saw. Do you think the architect had a clown "issue"!

13.05.2012 - "Mum"

Two of the best Mums I know
Two of the best cooks I know
Two of the best gardeners I know
Two of the hardest workers I know
Two of the best women I know
My mum Lorraine, and my sister Karen

14.05.2012 - "Grass"

I've been fighting an ongoing war with the grass in the "lawn" in the front yard. But I think I've finally won the war. The grass is gone, and path is in place. Next job is to get in a couple of loads of garden soil to build up the beds. I've been planning this in my mind for so long now, that I can't wait to get the plants in, and the tulip bulbs chilling in the fridge crisp can finally go in.

15.05.2012 - "Love"

It is probably obvious to anyone who reads my blog that I love my garden. Part of that love is the creatures I see in the garden. This bee was making the most of the chrysanthemum and the last rays of warmth in the Bendigo Conservatory Gardens

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  1. Hi Megan - popping in from New Zealand to say hi. Keep going with the photos - they make such a lovely journal about your life.


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