Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Photo a day challenge

06.05.2012 - "You"

I've a decision to make. Do I keep dying my hair or do I transition to "growing in" the grey? I do envy people with blond hair. It seems like it would be so much easier to transition.

I'm greying mainly around the hair line, and struggling with what to do. If you have jumped off the dying band waggon, how did you do it? Highlights, semi permanent that fades out, or just cold turkey?

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  1. Aha, it's a dilemma! And yes, it is easier for me ;-) Mum used semi-permanents for a while then just let it all fade out - almost cold turkey, but not quite. And chat to Nikki about it at Sewjourn next weekend! There are some websites about letting your hair go grey - such as: http://www.annekreamer.com/going-gray and http://goinggrayblog.com/.


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