Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Photo a day challenge

07.05.2012 - "Someone that inspires you"

My love of gardening comes from my mum. Despite our best efforts as children, she has inspired my sister and I to have a love of gardening now that we are adults. As kids, we had a game we would play when we were driving any were. We would keep our eyes open for any plant nursery and draw her attention to something on the opposite side of the road until we had driven past. It didn't always work, but as a board child at risk of having to look at another plant, it was worth trying.

Here she is in her own "home" nursery (she will hate these photos!). Anyone who visits and has an interest in gardening, leaves with a little potted something. I love the way when she comes to visit, that she takes the time to walk around my garden to see what is growing. It's great to have someone else enjoy my garden.

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