Monday, 23 July 2012

A winter garden

Even though the weather has been cold and damp, that doesn't mean there's nothing happening in the garden. Not on your Nelly! It's my time to look at the bones of the garden, and make changes. There's been trees loped, garden beds reshaped, shrubs riped out, and others pruned back.

More rocks carried up hill to widen the garden beds. My "lawn" is a mix grasses and clovers, and looks dreadful at the moment. I'm making the garden beds bigger, so I've more room to plant and less lawn to maintain.

The trees along the road have been loped back to give a more uniform shape. They look pretty haggard at the moment, but should recover when the new spring growth kicks in.

The winter veggies are in, and coping surprisingly well with the frost. Unfortunately the Passionfruit hasn't coped and has "gone to god". Oh well. It was an experiment.

The bulbs are pushing their heads above ground. It's always a treat to see them come through each year, and I'm reminded of what was planted in the previous years.

I've tried to create a garden that has colour all year round. So when I went out to take some snaps, I was pleased to see so much colour.

The Weeping Apricot is coming out in the most gorgeous trailing blossom.
The Blood Orange is only a young tree, but still has quite a bit fruit almost ready to pick.
The Robyn Gordon Grevillea blooms are fantastic. Can't wait to get them into the new "nature strip" bed.
The Mixed Asian Greens are looking strong and healthy.
The Hellebore give a splash of colour under the stairs to the veranda.
The Jonquils can't help but make my smile.

Roll on Spring.


  1. That's a serious amount of gardening you're doing there, Megan! Will wait for the Spring photos.

  2. A Woman on a mission...........Great work in the garden I to will look forward to the spring photos........Love the gravel in the front area. Oh the joy a garden brings.......


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