Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Photo A Day - 01.07.2012

11.30am - The Farm

Where does your food come from? So often the food we buy at the supermarket is so far removed from the actual "production", that you could be excused for forgetting how it really gets to your plate. I was reminded today, when I watched the butchering of a steer. (Thankfully I arrived after it was killed. Not so keen on that part).

 As the daughter of a farmer, I'm disappointed when I hear people not being aware of the true source of what they eat. I was floored to have a conversation with a 30+ year old colleague that didn't realise that the eggs we eat are the same eggs that chickens hatch from. She assumed there were 2 types of eggs!!!  If you are interested in learning some more about where your food comes from, take a look at Farm Day, and spend some time on a farm.


  1. Ah, memories of a childhood on a farm. I grew up with the home-butchered meat and chickens (and eggs with chickens in them, occasionally). Strange, isn't it, that we've grown so dislocated from the source of what we eat every day. It's sad, too, and probably why so much is wasted.

    1. Think you are right about the waste, Nikki.


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