Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Photo A Day

Life has gotten in the way of blogging this week, so I'm bringing things upto date with one big post.

05.07.2012 - 7am - East Melbourne

Looking out the apartment window, I was reminded that we can still have fog in the city centre.

06.07.2012 - 2.30pm - road to Mansfield

I left the office at lunch time, and we took cross country road home rather than the freeway. The view of Mt Buller was fantastic, and this really doesn't do it credit.

07.07.2012 - 4.30pm - Home

After getting home from dinner out, Horrie meet us at the door with a substantial tail injury. I hate to think how it happened, and what would have happened had he been trapped outside in the -4C overnight. So after a trip to the vet and some further amputation surgery, he has the new nick-name of "Stumpy".

08.07.2012 - 8.30am - Home

Another freezing night! The structure of the ice forming on the car roof, makes it look at "hairy"

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