Thursday, 23 February 2012

A not so granny washcloth

I've been reluctant to give making a crochet wash cloth a go. It seemed so daggy. Well I'm daggy now.

They are so quick to run up, and I'm in love with the simple stitch combination I've used (of course I've misplaced the notes I made, but it is a double triple triple combination). I've taken my inspiration from the garn studio site. I love their designs, and the patterns are so easy to follow.

I've used a 50/50 cotton & acrylic blend for the solid colour cloth, with the idea that they may be quicker to dry out after use. While I've used a 100% organic cotton for the multi colour cloth, as a bit of an experiment. I'm keen to see if there is really any difference on the practical side.



  1. I love crocheting washcloths, they work up so quickly and they are a bit of fun to experiment with different stitches. You've got a nice set of cloths to use now I hope you enjoy using them:)

    1. Oh you can't go wrong with cloths! They are really great to practice patterns or different techniques on! I guess we will all be daggy together. Great job!


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