Friday, 10 February 2012

This week in the garden...

The heat continues to stress the garden (and me), but there has been some action.
  • The lawns have been mowed.
  • The vegie patch has been weeded.
  • The forest pansy has dropped about 70% of its leaves due to stress.
  • The re potted orchids are putting out new growth.
  • The second crop of beans are coming through.
  • The failed corn has been ripped out of the vegie patch.
  • The self sewn pansies have been potted up.
  • The new garden path has been measured out ready for the gravel to be added.
  • The snapdragons suffering from rust have been sprayed with pest oil and trimmed back.
  • The watermelon flowers are forming.
  • The lime is in flower.
  • The blood orange fruit are plumping up.
  • The passion fruit vines are creeping along the wire fence.

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